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My name is Charlie Meiklereid and I am a certified bookkeeper specialising in working with start-ups, the trades and small enterprises.  As the founder and operator of a commercial laundry, we know first-hand the stress involved in getting your business off the ground while staying on top of all your financial record-keeping and fiscal responsibilities.

My background as finance manager for a relocation company gives me further insight into what is needed to keep a venture on the right track, to ensure compliance and timely record keeping I have a wide breadth of commercial experience in banking and shipping, including the chartering of ships for the export of bulk sugar from South Africa to international destinations.

Let us help you with the accounting and secretarial tasks that take your focus away from growing your business.

We offer a selection of "bundles" and hourly rates to suit different needs, which will allow you to cherry pick the specific services you require.

PrepareMyBooks can help you set up all your financial records efficiently, using clear and easy-to-understand cloud accounting software allowing you to access your books from                                                               Any Device  Any Time  Anywhere

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